Who we are

Kelly Street Garden Committee

The Kelly St. Garden Committee is a group of block residents dedicated to making sure that the Kelly Street Garden thrives as a place for local residents to get and grow fresh, healthy food and as a safe space where the community can come together to continue the ongoing transformation of Kelly Street through art, wellness programs, and leadership training. Stop by the garden to say hello!

Fay: Fay is a local artist who painted one of the garden murals and whose crafts inspire and inform many of the art-based activities at the Kelly Street Garden. Follow her on Instagram! “The garden is a positive environment in an otherwise non-positive environment where we grow community, feeding off of the skills of individuals to build a cohesive group.”

Hopey: “The garden is important because it brings people together. I like working with the soil to grow food and flowers.”

Lonnie: “I come to the garden because it makes me feel connected to my grandparents, who used to grow their own food, and my ancestors.”

Sajata: Sajata has done knitting workshops for Kelly Street residents and helped build a greenhouse in the garden. You can check out more of her work here. “In my journey as an urban homesteader, the garden gives me a place to grow my own food in an environment that wouldn’t allow it otherwise.”

Sonya: “I come to the garden because it gives me hope.”

Isaiah: “I like helping planting a lot of stuff. I like weeding and composting. What I like most about the garden is that it gives me something good to do.”

  • Faye standing near the mural she helped paint
  • Hopey and Rosalba harvesting with kids
  • Lonnie (right) w/ Karen Washington
  • Sajata giving a thumbs-up while building the greenhouse
  • Sonya planting
  • Isaiah in the garden
  • The Committee at work

Garden Coordinator

Rosalba Lopez Ramirez

I identify as an indigenous woman with origins to Oaxaca, Mexico. I was raised in Central California, and on weekends and during the summer, I worked alongside my family as a farm worker. I bore witness to the inequalities faced by people who work the land and put food on most homes in the United States. In the Spring of 2014 I became the first member of my family to receive a Masters Degree. My degree is in Community Development from the University of California, Davis. I am humbled to be working alongside residents on Kelly St. who welcomed me and who I am constantly learning from.

Watch Audrey Choi (Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Sustainable Investing, Morgan Stanley) highlight Rosalba’s impact at Kelly Street at Local Laboratories: Equitable Transformation in America’s Communities, hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative in July 2014.